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Timber industry is often crowded with immigrants. It is quite obvious, because as we all know, you can say that was the hardest physical work are often filled by people from other countries where the pay is not so good, and the Euro is undoubtedly better, several times more valuable currency. Likewise, the pound sterling in the United Kingdom, is expensive and worth it for him to earn. It certainly is much better than working in the countries of Eastern Europe where wages are simply tragic and barely enough to live. Even in the French newspaper journalist wondered how some EU country by earning the equivalent of three pairs of shoes, you can normally survive. Maybe this is a question that people are already accustomed and trained such conditions, but whether it is a thing which should be used to it? I believe that and I'm not entirely sure.

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There are many things you could see on the image below.

For example simple insulation wall on the restaurant. It is really not hard to do something like that. You just need some money, workers and you can do it without spending much money on that. Without it in your home can be cold in winter, I think you do not want it :)

external wall insulation

You can first visualise your building before you will start to do wall insulation or anything other building things.

You can see in the pc image and 3d visualise how it is looking. You can see computer building visualisation from cad services construction program below. This is maybe not good quality but it is good example to see how it is looking. Many colors making that this image/visualisation is looking really nice to your eye.

cad services 3d visualisation

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